Industrial Gelatin for Jelly Glue

Industrial Gelatin for jelly glue is a kind of gelatin that can be used as an ingredient to make jelly glue. Jelly Glue is a new type of environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive. It is drawn from the natural material and its main ingredient is industrial gelatin. 

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Thermal reversibility of gelatin

Thermal reversibility is the unique application characteristics of gelatin: products with gelatin are in solution state when heated and in frozen state when cooled. This transformation can occur rapidly and can be repeated many times without any change in the basic features of the products.

Film forming property of gelatin

The gelatin solution can be uniformly coated to form a thin film between the two phases of the solution and the gel.

The mark, packaging, transportation, storage of industrial gelatin


The product name, the name of the manufacturer, the factory address, the trademark, the product model, the batch number, the date of production, the main parameters and the net content of the product shall be firmly marked on the package of the product. The product quality certificate and the standard number adopted shall be in the package.The pictographic marks of packing, storage and transportation shall comply with the requirements of GB/T191


The product packaging is divided into inner and outer layers, the inner layer is PE bag and outside is kraft bag, which should be tightly sealed. The outer layer should be clean, dry and firm, and comply with the corresponding health standards and relevant regulations.


The products should be transported in a clean, ventilated and covered transportation vehicle to prevent moisture and heat, and should not be mixed with toxic substances.


The products should be stored in dry, ventilated and clean indoor warehouse to avoid dampness, and should not be mixed with toxic, easy to pollute goods.

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